About us

UFD, LLC is a team of highly qualified experts with extensive experience in implementing infrastructure projects from preparation and approval of estimates to facility commissioning

Today the company has its own production of security and monitoring systems:

  • Protection of the perimeter of extended objects
  • Geotechnical monitoring systems for extended objects
  • Pipeline monitoring and security system
  • Monitoring system for railways and motorways
  • Methane concentration monitoring
  • Security system marine and river ports
  • Monitoring, control and security systems for cable wells and communication lines

18 years of fiber-optic monitoring systems development

Russian development, in-house production of all system components (hardware, software, cable-sensor)

System has been supplied to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and has undergone Federal Security Service testing for the Border service


More than 25 patents in the field of fiber optic monitoring technologies

Supported by Skolkovo Foundation

Research and production laboratory

Our research and production laboratory was created in 2006 to carry out scientific research in the field of fiber-optic technologies and create new types of optical systems with the support of Skolkovo Foundation.

Equipped with modern high-precision gear:

  • installation welding machines FSM - 60 and FSU - 975 and a specialized welding machine Fujikura FSM - P100+ (Arc Master), capable of welding standard and non-standard fiber light guides with high precision in manual or automatic mode, with control of losses at the welded joint.
  • optical spectrum analyzer (OSA HP 70004A) operating in the wavelength range from 600 to 1700 nm, various light sources and receivers, such as the RIO OPLL dual-wavelength laser source and the RIO COLORADO wavelength-tunable narrowband laser.
  • binocular microscope MBS-10.
  • ultra-fast digital oscilloscope LeCroy WR 640Zi, recording input voltage at a speed of 40bn samples per second with a bandwidth of 4 GHz.
  • Our laboratory equipment allows for complex research work, assembly and debugging operations of the production cycle, like:
  • Creation of experimental samples and testing of technologies;
  • Development of specialized software;
  • Research conduction.
  • Our laboratory staff consists of 20 experts, 5 of which hold scientific degrees of Candidates of Technical Sciences.

Hardware manufacturing

Production, assembly area, adjustment and testing of radio-electronic equipment and fiber-optic sensors.

    Production is equipped with a 3D printer, a fleet of lathes, drilling and CNC milling machines, which can significantly reduce the time for equipment development and prototyping. Main functions:
  • development of specification and design documents;
  • Production and assembly of fiber-optic equipment;
  • Staff of 20 people. Production carries out a full cycle: assembly, configuration, adjustment, testing of printed circuit boards, components of electronic equipment, fiber-optic parts and products. Quality control department is organized as part of the production. Production capacity: up to 60 sets per year.

Sensor production

Production is equipped with unique and the only kind of facilities in Russia:

  • Buffer coating line GFP-L1 Medek&Schorner GmbH, Austria;
  • Receiver of optical fibers and power elements of sensors ROBLON, Denmark;
  • Automatic extrusion line OFC43, NEXTROM, Finland;
  • Braid line 24-2-110, Xuzhou Henghui, PRC;
  • Ink jet printer model VJ1710 (marker) with coronator - model КРК1-300 (КР2-400), Videojet Technologies Inc, USA;
  • Carousel-wrapping complex with an exhaust mechanism (reinforcement line), LLC "World of Winding Machines" (an armoring machine specially designed for reinforcement of sensors for applying wire and dielectric armor covers for sensors with high strength characteristics).
  • Complex is equipped with warehouse facilities, a set of measuring equipment. Conditions are provided to ensure 100% quality control at each stage of the production cycle. 10 people work as production staff. Production capacity: up to 10,000 kilometers of fiber-optic sensors per year.